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A Melodic Fusion of Past and Present

The Formalist's 'Happenstance' is a melodic journey that seamlessly fuses the past and present. Led by Stephen Krieger and Erik Laroi, the duo's collaboration dates back to 2006, bringing together Krieger's ambient and experimental leanings with Laroi's song-based sensibilities. The single, serving as a prelude to their upcoming album, showcases The Formalist's ability to craft a sonic experience that blurs the lines between electronic and organic.

'Happenstance' challenges the norms of modern electropop, infusing the genre with a unique energy that combines cold electro foundations with warm synths and distorted bass. As a lead single, 'Happenstance' sets the stage for an album that promises a harmonious clash of experimentation and future thinking melodics.

Watch the lyric video for 'Happenstance' here or stream below.

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