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The Next Wave: How Beatsora Is Changing The Music Industry

New artists often face daunting expenses, from purchasing a track and studio time to mixing, mastering, music video distribution, and promotion. Recognizing this challenge, new kid on the block Beatsora, a subscription-based beat marketplace that is quickly gaining popularity amongst the online Hip-Hop community, aims to be a catalyst for change by offering an affordable means to release music consistently. 

Transcending the mere transactional aspect of music, Beatsora endeavours to reshape the economic landscape for emerging artists through offering a hassle-free mechanism for acquiring beats with just a click. Unlike traditional methods of scouring through extensive repositories, Beatsora prides itself on it’s collection of meticulously crafted instrumentals contributed to by globally renowned producers who’ve worked alongside Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign & more.

Why are the internet’s rappers so buzzed on Beatsora?

Beyond beat acquisition, Beatsora extends its services to cater to all the needs of independent musicians, offering AI mastering, vocal preset chains, track feedback service and discounted promotion and distribution services. In short - we’re looking at a one-stop-shop for hip-hop artists to build and sustain a fruitful career. What’s more, where other companies like BeatStars or Splice may fall short on customer support, since Beatsora is a boutique team, lead by producer and industry veteran Dre Hall (Anikdote), the company is able to provide direct and swift feedback and support from industry professionals. Indeed, the TikTok rappers have been swift to embrace the platform, posting their freestyles on top of Beatsora tracks which Beatsora will often reshare on their own socials.

How does it work?

By subscribing to Beatsora, you gain access to a consistent stream of credits each month. This subscription model liberates you from the stress of pay-per-track, enabling you to download instrumentals and receive track feedback without straining your budget. The focus here is on unlocking unlimited creativity, fostering an environment where financial constraints don't hinder artistic expression. 

In the words of CEO and Founder Dre Hall himself:

“Beatsora is more than just a beat marketplace. It’s a holistic solution for emerging artists. By addressing the financial challenges associated with music creation, Beatsora paves the way for af ordable and consistent music releases, empowering artists to focus on their craft without compromise.”

Beatsora is now offering a free beat with a free trial of its service here.



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