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Abram Dark captivates in astonishing release 'Moments Are Taped'

‘Moments Are Taped’ is taken from Abram Dark’s new, five-track debut EP. Created as a way to help a trauma patient accept and heal from life-changing experiences, Abram Dark embodies rugged sincerity.

Speaking about the new release, Abram Dark shares, “Moments are taped is an intimate blend of raw piano and vocals that was created about the journey of recovery and living with a brain injury.”

Using music as a way to embrace the harder days, he states that “These songs were created in substitute of prescription pain medication.” Abram Dark’s music is something we can all relate to in someway.

Self produced, ‘Moments Are Taped’ is a gorgeous dark, indie soul track with melancholic fragrances throughout. A track you don’t want to skip at any point in its length, Abram has certainly created an emotionally provoking piece of art that can be felt.


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