Abril Spring Returns With New Single “Cure”

Rising alternative rap artist Abril Spring has returned with her brand-new single, “Cure”. Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Abril made her impactful debut earlier this year with single “Free The Sex”, which introduced the world to her unique and unapologetic brand of hip-hop/rap, and “Cure” looks set to continue her growing momentum. The track is taken from the independent artist’s upcoming debut album, which is due for release early next year.

With Abril’s transparent and conversational music style shining through, “Cure” immediately commands attention. With the subject matter discussing drug addiction in a toxic relationship, Abril begins the song with the inquiring rhetorical question: “Isn’t it funny? Most of our problems and discussions are caused by the same exact thing that ends up solving them.” Aside from the impressive lyricism and storytelling, Abril’s flow and energy on the track is equally impressive, resulting in a song that offers endless replay value and definitively marks Abril Spring out as one to watch.

Elaborating further on the new release, Abril says, “‘Cure’ is a very personal song for me. I wrote it in a really intense and confusing time of my life and, just like with all the album, it helped me express, organise and understand my thoughts and emotions at the time. ‘Cure’ is about drug addiction in a toxic relationship and about how you can either choose to face reality for better or for worse or to escape it at all costs.