Acceptance comes with time in Ian Janco's folksy "Long Way Down"

"We're on two different pages, time has a way of changing love, sure changed us."

Ian Janco is a singer-songwriter who first popped up into my inbox with his driving soundtrack single "Something New" a couple of months ago and I'm sure glad he's back with even more of these soft indie-folk sounds. The London-based American artist has just released his new EP - Rapture - and it's crammed full of post-heartbreak acoustic tracks. One of the standouts is "Long Way Down", a radio ready and playlist perfect song that opens with intricate strings and a winding melody. Ian Janco's voice is kind and comforting, which shows that he's come to accept that a relationship is now firmly in the past. It's a really nice alternative to the usual ex-partner addresses, because it's one of forgiveness and even though the road was hard, "long way down" as the artist sings, it's all part of life's experience.

Alongside "Something New" and "Long Way Down", you'll also find the pretty "Intro (Birdsong)", potent "Castaway", folky Bon Iver-like "Brighter Day" and anthemic title-track "Rapture'. Stream our reviewed track below and check out the full EP over on Spotify.