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Adam O'Rua reveals epic new music video 'Rainfall'

Any fans of ‘Normal People’ out there? We’ve been given the book, the miniseries, and now, emerging Irish powerhouse Adam O’Rua offers the unofficial song ‘Rainfall’ (and accompanying visual!) to showcase an emotional thunderstorm. We have no doubt Sally Rooney would approve!

From the get go, ‘Rainfall’ wraps listeners in a magnetic aura, commencing in the visual with an intensely soothing voice of deep tones and tender rhythms. Highly lyrical, the spoken words are embedded within sounds of rain and rainstorm which form an immersive sonic experience and are truly palliative for the soul of who listens.

The music then comes to life, each element of the composition resonating and meticulously selected, down to the damp and reverberating snare, the vocal layers, and the gentle background synths.

O’Rua plays with timeless and familiar ingredients to give life to an intimately new experience: he proves rainfall to be a highly underrated phenomenon, to the point where we’ve considered going out and getting drenched under the rain ourselves. We’ll let you know how that goes!


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