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Afonso Releases Self-Reflecting Soul & Jazz-Inspired Single “Luz”

Soul and jazz-influenced artist Afonso releases his second single release “Luz,” meaning light in Portuguese. The single represents a self-analysis of his development and discovery within himself.

To Afonso, his mother native tongue adds an important part to his self-development.

“Luz” speaks about not wanting to stay the same forever after realising that it’s possible to reach a new “you” through a variety of life experiences you have with yourself, your emotions and your journey.

He leaves us with one recurring message: face your fears often and remove those pesky negative thoughts to live a more fulfilling and welcome double the amount of happiness than before.

It’s no wonder Afonso will keep mesmerising new listeners with his classy and soulful sound, heartfelt lyrics, and wave-like harps and strings. Afonso sets himself apart in a way that his Soul and Jazz-influenced artistry will make most feel at ease and reconnecting with themselves as time goes by.


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