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AFS Looks to Break the Rap Stereotype with New Double A-Side Single

Based in South East London, AFS is releasing a two-track salvo on 30th April to give an accurate representation of life in 2021 and avoiding rap cliches. Although AFS is acutely aware of the problems facing young people from the pull of gang affiliations and criminal lifestyles to get ahead and has seen the effects around him throughout his life - he has chosen not to become a statistic and has made his own decisions - his music reflects this.

Uncompromising yet truthful to his own experiences, Clarity and Floating see an artist able to comment on the issues facing people of his age without resorting to exaggeration or false representation, using his beats and stunning lyrical wordplay, to tell the truth in the only way he can. "The story behind the two songs is an introspective journey, coming from a place of uncertainty and feeling lost, to find clarity about being sure of yourself."

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