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AJ Hazel delivers the house banger 'Don't Wanna Lose'

After establishing himself as a bright and innovative name on the electronic music scene these last few months, LA-based producer AJ Hazel is looking to continue that vibrant ascent with his house-inspired banger 'Don't Wanna Lose'.

Bringing back another heady dose of bold and adventurous production, brimming with creative flair from start to finish, 'Don't Wanna Lose' is another glittering addition to his catalogue so far. With its fresh and infectious grooves running throughout, this one will have you up and out of your seat in no time.

Speaking about the new track, he said, “This song began as a slower-chill project until I pushed the tempo up, and added some tech-house elements to create more of a nightclub-type vibe. Because of the slower origin, you'll hear hip-hop in some parts and house in others. The title of this song really means a lot to me - I just want to pursue music full time and I don't want to give up until that dream becomes a reality.”

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