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Alex Stanilla returns eclectic new single ‘Crab’

Rising indie-pop artist Alex Stanilla returns with his eclectic new single ‘Crab’, offering a unique soundscape for the latest addition to his emotive discography. As Alex’s vocals deliver catchy melodies and self-reflective lyricism, the dynamic track sees driving percussion and buoyant piano. You will find ‘Crab’ at the intersection where nostalgia meets bedroom-pop; Alex Stanilla takes his listeners on an uncharted sonic journey, but the views will draw you in.

Speaking about his new release, Alex says: “Inspired by a fun but frivolous week at the beach that regularly pops up in my daily reveries. When I was a teenager I glorified the idea of a drugs and sex vacation with friends to write songs about but after having a few realized they don't really inspire anything worthwhile. This song has become a cautionary tale for me reminding me most things don't turn out the way I fantasize about them.”

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