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Alt-pop sensation NUUXS partner up with emerging DJ/Producer KISHAN

London-based alt-pop artist NUUXS partner up with emerging DJ/Producer KISHAN to release an introspective remix for her latest single ‘Part Of Me’, taken from her debut album Heirloom, out now.

Arguably the most powerful song of NUUXS’ catalogue to date, ‘Part of Me’ delves into the time spent in a cult as a child, and the abusive behaviour of her step father. With its eerie sound and caustic quasi-rap matched with ethereal, FKA Twigs-esque vocals and visceral and unsettling lyrics such as “Cut off your hair so the boys don’t stare / you belong to me now”, the track is an outlet where NUUXS can let go of the anger she has felt.

NUUXS says: “When I asked KISHAN to remix “Part Of Me” I wanted to keep that feel of darkness in the song with a Dub sound. When I heard it back it suited my vocal and song so much and felt that UK underground sound straightaway. “

KISHAN reveals: “For the Part of Me remix my main aim was to create an underground breakbeat vibe that gives it more of a club sound, with the rapping accentuated by the percussion and bass, and the warm synths layered in under the sung parts. The remix builds but has a continual drive throughout as a result of the rolling drums, sonically nodding to UK Jungle music.”


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