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Alt-rock artist InHibit returns with debut EP 'Blinded'

Following his radio hits, The Quest, Shadows of Fire and Settings, InHibit is finally ready to unleash his debut EP, Blinded. Having received media attention from around the world, alt-rock artist InHibit debut EP arrives at the same time as the release’s pivotal track, Shame on Humans and its Hollywood production values and startling imagery. With a strong 90s alternative rock and grunge feel and the spirit of true independence and rage, there is an urgency and vitality which is 100% 2021!

"In this EP, just like in every song I make, my thoughts, my mind and myself are injected into the words. It's more than just notes and text. I'm glad to have been able to make 3 music videos for this EP. The Quest and Shadows of Fire both show a very hypocritical society. They really translate into images what my voice is claiming in the songs. For Shame On Humans, I decided to take a more abstract approach - there's a lot of wickedness, and nastiness in the music video and I went for something much more cinematographic, with quite a few sound effects implemented through the song in the video." - InHibit


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