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Amey St. Cyr Lifts Our Spirits With Upcoming Single ‘Life’s Too Short’

It’s not often we come across an artist that has undeniably stood the test of time, yet our latest new musical crush, Amey St. Cyr is doing exactly that. Having been in the game since the mid-nineties, Amey is no newbie to the music scene. Amey has had a varied career as a singer, songwriter, actor and model. She has featured in films and music videos, and most recently has been working on a theatrical piece with her daughter Zakia that was featured on BBC Radio 4. Utilising every inch of her varied experience in her new solo musical ventures, Amey St. Cyr is setting out to school us all on what standing the test of time really means. Amey creates unwaveringly uplifting, retro-tinged disco anthems, set to lift your spirits and get the dance floor moving - well, when we can actually get to a dance floor again. 

‘Life’s Too Short’ is a nu-disco dance anthem whose lyrics encourage us to join in the party of life. It’s uplifting and upbeat sounds lure us into a positive frame of mind lifting our spirits out of the doldrums of socially distanced life. Amey claims the meaning of the track lies in the sentiment, “it’s not over ‘till everything is okay, and if everything is not ok it’s not over”. If there’s anything we need to here amidst this current climate, this is exactly it. Built on a sonic landscape of striking synth melodies, slapping bass lines and a pounding drum line that will have your head banging in seconds, ‘Life’s Too Short’ is Amey’s mission statement, to use music as a tool of optimism. Amey’s vocals are outstanding throughout this track, as she treads perfectly the line between a powerful performance and intimate vocal inflections. ‘Life’s Too Short’ boasts a bridge rife with intertwining melodies and a powerful vocal performance from Amey. I mean, what else were we expecting from such an industry pro. Amey St. Cyr’s musical resurgence is a beacon of light during this draining month, and with the release of ‘Life’s Too Short’ on the 16th of November, it’s clear she’s setting out to lift the mood and bring the vibes, because after all, life really is too short. 

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