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Anita Gabrielle releases poetic new EP 'Just Neat'

Singer-songwriter and all around talented person Anita Gabrielle releases poetic new EP 'Just Neat'. Having spent her life fighting against obstacles in her way from being an older woman in the music industry and also a gay woman, this inspirational woman has never backed down. Returning with her latest release, 'Just Neat', the empowering EP features leading single 'Best Friends', which found inspiration from her brother Michael who lives with Parkinson's Disease.

Looking to raise awareness and funds to assist others affected by the condition, 'Best Friend' is an emotive single that serves as the EP's most heartfelt track. Inspired by artists such as Joni Mitchell and Carole King, Anita Gabrielle is bringing her own flavour to the table. Teaming up with collaborator and Grammy-award winning songwriter Amy Wadge (best known for her songwriting collaborations with Ed Sheeran), the EP is served on a silver platter for your ears to taste on.


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