Anna Aarons releases 'Since You Went Away'

Anna Aarons is a London based soul singer who has dropped to hot singles in quick succession. Reeling from her family-oriented single ‘Her’, Anna’s newest single ‘Since You Went Away’ is a gorgeous offering that plays on similar narratives.

Discussing the release, Anna Aarons discusses:

“'Since You Went Away' is inspired by an Amy Winehouse track from her first album Frank, 'October Song', which is a version of Sarah Vaughan's 'Lullaby of Birdland'. As soon as we discovered an old recording of my late grandmother singing the Sarah Vaughan song 'Passing Strangers', I knew I had to make something of it. It's amazing to be able to have my late grandmother, who I never met, sing on one of my tracks with me! My late Grandpa's whistle is right at the end, too. 'Since You Went Away' follows singles 'Words' and 'Her', all depicting female family influences in my life, with artwork created by contemporary artist Sarah Beth, my little sister.”

'Since You Went Away' is a valiant single that is inspired by Amy Winehouse and the bustling London blues scene, we urge you to add it to your playlists.