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Apex God releases hip-hop gem 'Sugar Ray'

Apex God emerges with hard-hitting bars and a variety of beats in new single ‘Sugar Ray’. Having started rapping in 2017, Apex God dropped freestyles on YouTube, and now has music across all platforms. Taking the town of Missoula by storm, Apex God founded a record label with other local talents. Their record label has amassed over 500,000 streams and embraces an old-school, ugly style of rap that always leaves the listener wanting more.

Speaking about the new release, Apex God shares, “Feeling like you are the GOAT. It talks about combining defensive masterminds like Sugar Ray, Ali, and Mayweather, With offensive powerhouses like Joe Frazier and Mike Tyson. That's how I rap, light on my feet yet a heavy hitter. It goes hand in hand with the mixtape I'm dropping next month.”

“Sugar Ray” is a fierce, hip-hop number that comes across as adventurous and hard-hitting. Adding to how the track was created, Apex God shares, “I was making beats and I liked this one, I knew I wanted to do a mixtape with a boxing theme so I decided to write about some of my favorite boxers to get started.”

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