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Arliston releases ethereal new E.P 'Even in the Shade'

UK indie duo Arliston are back with a new ethereal E.P 'Even In The Shade.' A well-flowing E.P, the release features a colourful melting pots of melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head for days. The tracks all feature vulnerabilities whilst fusing this with pop-sensibilities, creating their own unique and signature sound.

Speaking further on the EP, George Hasbury explains: “We had just lost our drummer, amicably, so we were a little adrift as we started making this EP. The first song we wrote was ‘Mothering’, which was sort of inherently smaller without a drummer’s presence. But it still felt good and like Arliston, and after that the rest of the songs quickly emerged.”

Jack Ratcliffe adds: “I think we feel like we’re only just finding our feet with the project and

where we want it to go, and that’s a really exciting feeling! We’re starting to get the feedback and the response that we’d hoped for, so we’re more energised than ever.”

Arliston’s consistency and knack for rich melodies and contemplative atmospherics is paying off – the new EP is the sound of a band exceeding their potential and not afraid to reach further. With over a million Spotify streams to their name already and people earmarking them as future festival favourites, Even In The Shade is sure to continue their impressive rise and see them break new ground.

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