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"As It Seems" is the mysterious indie-R&B single from Hastings' Alice Rowe

From the very start of Alice Rowe's new single "As It Seems", I was swept up by the luscious landscape of this bluesy track, especially because the Hastings-based songwriter takes no time heating up the track. A soulful horn section and vibey drums beats give the slickest backdrop to Alice's brooding vocals, which sing about all aspects of her life through the vague narration. In this way, I was always searching for meaning in her mysterious, could it be about a love connection, a strained friendship, a pursuit of a career in music, a societal commentary. That's the magic to the jazzy, neo-soul "As It Seems", it's a riddle floating amongst the indie-R&B production, although the artist does give insight into what this mystical track is all about...

“I wrote this track after attending an art exhibition in London 'Alice in Wonderland - Curious & Curiouser', the concept was about a girl who struggled to survive the confusing world of adults, she also struggled to come to terms with life and learnt that there are many layers/ mysteries. It is thought that Alice and several other characters secretly suffer from mental health issues which helped me to come up with the lyric 'behind closed doors you can't see, nothing is ever as it seems', this is a metaphor for the many doors Alice opens in Wonderland and also for real life where you never know what's truly going on. After attending the exhibition I felt that the concept fit with my current thoughts at the time and it felt right that I explore that. I then created the project. The art work is also inspired by one of the pieces of art in the gallery which I have in my home studio. This track is really exciting for me as I feel like this is where I found my sound.”


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