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Asha Gold drops authentic single "Up To Me"

"Up To Me" is the playful single from young British-Asian pop talent Asha Gold who uses an innovative sound palette to curate her staple musical identity. Tapping at the crossroads of pop and R&B, the track is a nuanced body of work that blatantly sounds incredibly tasteful. I personally noticed the great creative mastery behind it only after a couple of listens because I was too busy digesting the memorable melody. I really vouch for artists like Asha who are motivated by the importance of existing and thriving within a saturated space like the music industry by authentically embracing their mixed heritage through their art. Asha’s music oozes with authenticity: a constant throughout her repertoire which confirms that her interest forgoes marketability, but rather prefers genuinity and maximum expression. In her fresh track "Up To Me" Asha reveals herself as a lively power source, her energy is simply magnetic.


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