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Ashley Levin says Goodnight in her newest record

A departure from her previous record 'If' Ashley Levin has returned with a stripped-back ballad titled Just Say Goodnight. Made up of pretty much just piano and vocal, this song is the perfect track for Ashley to exercise her climbing vocal. The LA based artist has written for Vince Gil, Bonnie Bramlett, David Kent and more, and her writing has certainly levelled up with this one. Check it below:

Discussing the release, Ashley says:

The story behind this song was actually my producer's... and his last relationship. However, it also rang true to me from the angle of my grandfather after my grandmother's recent passing. I just love the honesty and beauty in this song, and the realness of just wanting to "go to sleep" and "just say goodnight" to drift off to a place where you and your ex/lost loved one, are still together. Because it really is easier to just go to sleep and pretend, than to be awake and deal with the reality of being alone.

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