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August Twelfth delivers new single 'Somebody's Daughter'

Having already built a strong and devout following thanks to a run of impressive releases these last few years, fast-rising artist and producer August Twelfth now looks to showcase his newest collection 'Sounds From My Bedroom' with the energetic new single 'Somebody's Daughter'.

Channeling a fresh and upbeat garage-inspired beat for his latest anthem, 'Somebody's Daughter' marks one of his most adventurous offerings to date. Filled with a bold and driven production that perfectly reflects his own energetic persona, he is returning with a brilliantly enjoyable new cut here.

Adding about the new release, he said, “I'm really proud of this song because this was made during covid and its a representation of the hard work, dedication and the amount of hours I spent on making the best music I can possible whilst utilising all the free time I had.”

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