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Austin Riddle returns with the 80s-tinged single 'Rip City'

Having already found himself circulated on hundreds of radio stations across the US, as well as garnering hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify for his recently shared singles, Birmingham, Alabama’s Austin Riddle is ready to do it all again as he returns with his latest offering ‘RIP CITY’.

Channeling a mix of RnB and indie-pop aesthetics, ‘RIP CITY’ makes for a wonderfully smooth and soul-infused return. Blending a rich tapestry of soaring synths, sweeping guitar hooks, and his own velvety vocals, the artist looks to create a sound that is both romantic in direction and hip-shaking in atmosphere.

Speaking about his new release, he said, This song is a story about being separated over the few months of quarantine over a crooning melody that is meant to convey pain, but is infused with hope. The narrative is built around one that is yearning for the rejoining of their significant other in "RIP CITY", a pop-culture reference to the city of Portland.”


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