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AXLS Launch Brand New Single ‘Discotek’ & It’s From Another Galaxy

AXLS are back, with another epic track - and ‘Discotek’ is out of this world. A pop banger with delicious melodies, riffs, synth bass and leads it is sure to have you moving. AXLS’ dark take on pop is akin to CHVRCHES meets Purity Ring meets the 80s. The powerful voice of lead singer Victoria Owsnett has you told - there’s a party and it’s only just started.

‘Discotek’ is a dance track, packed with electropop goodness from synth pop trio AXLS, who hail from the North-East, UK. The song is a floor filler and represents how it feels to get lost in good music, that feeling when you’re dancing your heart out and just don’t want to stop. Music can transport a person away from their worries and allow them to live in the moment – that’s what Discotek is all about.

AXLS’ bass player Conrad McQueen (also known for his project The Last Of The Fallen Angels) says of the new single:

“Our debut album “First Contact” was a metaphor for the amount of time people spend online and in virtual worlds and not in real life. Listening again 8 months after its release we realise how much of the separation that the pandemic has caused was in there too.

“Discotek” is upbeat and about abandoning yourself in dancing and clubbing. It’s a prequel to those feelings of isolation explored on the album. A look back to happier more sociable and hedonistic times when you could lose yourself in music surrounded by others in a club.”

Go stream ‘Discotek’ now. Visit the website:

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