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Benji Patterson tells paranormal experience in new single 'Monster'

Benji Patterson is a young American rapper, singer, poet and songwriter.

He clearly made the most of lockdown in Los Angeles, signing up to TikTok back in March where he has since amassed a following of over 125k.

Benji’s latest single ‘Monster’ is a stellar new addition to his rich catalogue of Hip Hop gems.

Through song, Benji tells the story of a paranormal experience: “I wanted to incorporate elements that give the listener sensory details on what is happening. Growing up watching horror movies like, The Ring, Psycho and The Shining always sent chills down my spine so when I wrote monster I wanted to represent that same feeling and horror in the song.”

Benji was a child actor appearing in many national TV commercials. In 2010 he appeared in a 7UP commercial with Celo Green and also ‘Destroy, Build, Destroy’ on the Cartoon Network. Acting allowed Benji to express himself, “I loved reading scripts, adapting to new characters and performing in front of audiences” he recalls. This is where Benji’s love of producing and directing his own music videos came from.

Watch-out for 'Monster' music video, dropping on October 1st.

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