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Black Sands returns with power single ‘High Life’

An electrifying combination of rock, electro-pop and R&B, ‘High Life’ is an energising listen from start to finish. Martino’s vocals are met with Black Sands’ skillful production of pulsing beats and crescendo sounds. Fusing a mixture of both classic and modern styles, Black Sands forges a new direction within his brand that is flawlessly devised.

Black Sands explains: “High Life explores themes of outrunning your past and demons to ultimately create a better life. Even if you're moving forward and seeing material gains, you can't outrun the experiences or tragedies that make you who you are. Trying to cope with success is always intertwined with your failure. High Life explores how you choose to move through it.”

Black Sands is the recording project of Andrew Balfour, originally hailing from Milwaukee, now based in Amsterdam. Originally being a touring artist for alt-rock bands and featuring in Alternative Press, Warped Tour and Taste of Chaos, Black Sands has a plethora of experience and is unafraid to bring new sounds to life.

Listen to ‘High Life’ here:


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