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Blog Playlist #22

Willum Maindo - Hard Enough

London-hailing Willum Maindo has revealed his irresistible new R&B EP Hard Enough, featuring lead single ‘Get It’. Listeners won’t be able to resist his agile vocals, dreamy melodies and dynamic beats.

Rhys E - Sound & Colour

Brit rocker Rhys E returns with his new EP Sound & Colour, offering four nostalgic indie-rock tracks each with an individual flare and unfaltering energy.

Blakey - Hometown Girl

Rising artist Blakey reveals his inner hopeless romantic on ‘Hometown Girl’, which sees nostalgic 80s pop influences accompanying his soaring vocals.

Jack Rasmussen - Jump The Gun

You’ll soon be hearing Jack Rasmussen’s instantly recognisable voice everywhere, as the emerging talent brings his stellar songwriting to the indie-rock/acoustic gem ‘Jump The Gun’.

Josh Greatorex - Come Over

Aged just 17, there’s a bright future ahead of Josh Greatorex, who brings contemporary melodies and a catchy hook to his trap-meets-bedroom-pop single ‘Come Over’.

Beth McCarthy - Friendship Bracelet

Sassy as ever, star-in-the-making Beth McCarthy delivers storytelling lyricism and an addictive chorus on her new alt-pop anthem ‘Friendship Bracelet’.

Slomo Casino - Marshmallow (Acoustic Version)

Slomo Casino released their debut EP Marshmallow earlier this year, and their new acoustic version showcases the duo’s versatility as they deliver warm instrumental textures on their soulful pop project.

I.M.O - Don’t Get Upset

Birmingham five piece I.M.O are on a whole other level with new EP Don’t Get Upset, bringing an irresistible fusion of R&B, hip-hop, pop and soul amongst other influences.


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