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Blog Playlist #37

Natalia Salter - Coming Down

Natalia's latest offering 'Coming Down' features backing vocals that are stacked heavenly, infectious, signature vocal melodies and piano lines that provide emotional ambience.

Kraken - Khan Market Gang

Their new single ‘Khan Market Gang’ is inspired by genres such as Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance, Bhangra, Folk and Electronic. This creates an atmospheric track that uses traditional Indian instruments but also has a well executed, intricate nod to different genres.

GIYA - foggy hearts

GIYA’s influence comes from her home city of London but she now resides in Brighton. Her latest offering ‘foggy hearts,’ presents an emotional ​​message and acts as an ode to lives not lived, and peers who had lost their way.

sell by. - Social Smoker

sell by. are a gutsy three-piece band from Guildford and their latest offering comes in the form of infectious single “Social Smoker.” The track features guitars that are draped in distorted chorus working with the bass and drums that create a groove that’s manically hard-hitting, whilst the vocal is emotional, image encouraging and awash with their grunge influences.

Ella Isaacson - Armageddon

This time Ella is hitting us strongly with another powerful pop anthem ‘Armageddon’, packed with one-of-a-kind powerful vocals, emotive instrumental variety, and Ella’s expressive personal life poetry.

Bugeye - Summer In The City

Bugeye are a queer alternative rock band hailing from the concrete shores of Croydon. Re-imagined in 2018 with dirty guitars, disco beats, sizzling synths and exploding bass riffs that accelerate into the catchiest hooks on the planet, be prepared to hit the dancefloor and join the revolution. Their latest offering ‘Summer In The City’ features just that, with wired-up synth sounds driving forward bass riffs and playful vocal hooks.

The Dualers - Voices From The Sun

Voices From The Sun marks an extraordinary personal and professional journey for the band while retaining the impossibly optimistic nature that has been such a hit. Piano and guitars ebb and flow in between, glimmering in the mix and providing the perfect canvas for Tyber’s vocals to be painted on. The drums are filled with groove and are sure to entice anyone who listens in and work hand in glove with a funky bass line.

Olistar - The Story

His latest track ‘The Story’ showcases his unique sound. Moody drums drive the track forward, creating a ball of energy that is infectious and reverberated throughout the track with other musical elements. Synths are poignant and thicken the track, creating a huge feel and turning the track into a single that sounds like a drill-anthem. On top lies his unique rap - raw, filled with emotion and expressed in such a way it’ll keep an audience enticed.

XO Team - Reason

Their latest single ‘Reason’ is an infectious summertime bop tinged with energy and playfulness. Drums thud through the mix, creating an infectious grove and works hand in glove with the slick basslines. Synths ebb and flow in between each other, creating a batch of irresistible melodies that beef up the sound and really turn the track into a dance anthem. However whilst the track sounds like a playful bop that should be blasted out at an Ibiza pool party, it also has a more serious side, with XO wanting to promote women's independence.


His sound is unique and is presented in his latest offering ‘LOVE.’ A heartwarming piano is looped and laid down on top of minimal but effective drums that are infused with a vintage sound. Of course the stand out feature is his voice. Laced with passion and lyrically well-penned, his vocals showcase his versatility as an artist. THISMINORITY switches between melodic hooks and hard-hitting bars, keeping the listener enticed in.

Aaron Sand - Still Here

Written for his father who passed away in the 9/11 terror attacks, Aaron showcases his vunerable side in an attempt to help others. Minimal but impactful piano provides the perfect heartwarming layer for his voice to be laid on top of. Violins ebb and flow between the piano lines, thickening the texture and creating a full emotional impact. His vocals are sung in his signature style - raw and full of emotion, painting a picture of his well-penned lyrics.

Luxury Goods - Tiny Moving Parts

Luxury Goods is back with an infectious single ‘Tiny Moving Parts.’ The track is a hypnotising offering that nods to a few different genres, with the main stand out features being captivating synths, catchy guitar hooks and tight drums.

Immi Dash - Show Me

‘Show Me’ is a perfect example of how Immi confidently breaks music rules, blurring the lines between different genres and adding her own twist as well. The track features heart-warming synths and infectious drums that provide a minimal, yet important role as they let Immi’s vocals paint a picture. Her smokey tone paired with engaging lyrics allows for a very important message to shine through.

The Golden Hour - Postcard Summer

The Golden Hour's latest release is ‘Postcard Summer’ which features drums that are simple but incredibly dynamic, cutting through the mix and providing energy and an infectious groove. This works hand in glove with a bassline that gives the track an extra punch. Synths mix between each other, mixing irresistible melodies together and presenting a perfect canvas for Matteo’s voice to be painted upon. His voice is powerful, and interacts with the rest of the track impeccably whilst showcasing his well-penned lyrics.

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