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Boom Dice Produces 'Kiss & Tell' Featuring India Dupriez That Shakes Up The Music Scene

Multi-Grammy nominated Producer, songwriter and mixer, Boom Dice, has come together with Australia's pop up and comer, India Dupreiz, and it's one for the record books.

The two creatives have created a pop-teenage anthem that many can relate to, which is why there is already some love to it already due to how simple it is, but so relatable that anyone can dance to the beats that drive anyone crazy.

The personal, yet uplifting lyrics are something to admire and the beat produces the feelings of a young romance, which is why the two collaborators know they have produced something special.

Speaking on the track, Boom Dice says:

"We were experimenting and landed on this fun upbeat song touching on a young romance and talking to your close girlfriends about it the next day.” Bryan then continued “There is a simplicity to the story that everyone can relate to in your youth or not, but also useful to heed the advice at all stages because you never know who has a big mouth!”

You can listen to the new track below.

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