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Boulevarde and Little Green partner up for single ‘Take Your Time’

Boulevarde and Little Green team up for the release of ‘Take Your Time’, a wonderful compilation of electro-pop melodies and raw soulful vocals. Boulevarde’s creation of distorted yet refined production is accompanied by Little Green’s delicate tone that tells a powerful story, making for an emotive, hypnotic track.

Discussing the meaning behind the track, they said: “Take Your Time is a song about loss and learning to say goodbye. Jordan was grappling with the loss of his good friend at the time - who had taken his own life. The song comes from a very dark and emotional space and we hope others going through a hard time can find meaning in it and know they are not alone. We hope the song can help build awareness around the importance of mental health and looking out for your friends, especially amongst men.”

This effortless collaboration creates something both musing and timeless, carrying a memorable authenticity throughout.

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