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Brazilian rock band Pentral are back with mesmerising single 'All My Wounds'

Taken from their forthcoming album, 'All My Wounds' is the latest release from Brazilian rock outfit Pentral. With the album release just around the corner, 'All My Wounds' gives insight into an exceptional album ahead. Following in the footsteps of previously well-received single 'Silent Trees', which gained support from Prog Magazine, New Noise Magazine and Music Crowns, "All My Wounds" exceeds any expectations that you may have already had. Talking about the release, Pentral state,"All My Wounds" is the second single from our debut album. This song tries to express an uplifting vibe with its lyrics, melody, harmonies, and groovy rhythm. It is about the quest for spiritual healing, dealing with the highs and lows of life, and toxic people. It touches upon how hard is to cope with grief and loss and how rewarding is to bounce back from rock bottom. It's a part of the journey described on the concept album called "What Lies Ahead Of Us" which is about a saga of a lowly couple fighting for their lives and sanity.” Watch the stunning visuals to 'All My Wounds' here.

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