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Bri 333 unveils stunning new single 'No.9'

Chicago R&B singer Bri 333 has unveiled her brand-new single, “No. 9”, a stunningly smooth downtempo track that makes a huge impression on first listen. Having only debuted officially in 2020, the independent artist has already begun to amass a following from her previous singles, such as “Under Pressure”, and she looks set to propel her rise even further with this new release. With her gorgeous and silky vocals merged with a dreamy R&B beat, “No. 9” is Bri 333’s strongest release to date and decisively marks the rising talent out as one to watch.

Elaborating further on the new release, Bri 333 says, “‘No. 9’ is about a few things. One, not rushing things, not forcing things, just letting what is supposed to happen for you play out. A lot of the song also embodies the attachments – both positive and negative – that I develop when experiencing deep feelings for someone.

“There's also an underlying element to the song that highlights the switch in the nine emotions. Loving someone nine ways is how to tell someone you love them with all the lives you have, meaning no matter how many times you may evolve or change as a person, you will still have love for that individual no matter the circumstances.”


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