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British indie-rocker common goldfish makes his debut with "Feel The Fuzz"

I get to cover a loads of styles and genres on behalf of Get It Shared, but I've got to say that this particular brand of faded and groovy rock is a new one for me. What I'm talking about is"Feel The Fuzz", the debut single from British musician, songwriter and producer common goldfish who calls out the likes of Stone Roses, Primal Scream and Tame Impala as key influences. Let's get into the music then - common goldfish wastes no time getting into the swing of things. My ears are instantly greeted by a thicc bass, a body-shaking rhythm and slick guitars and it's really hard not to feel good listening to this trippy mix of sounds. The instrumentation is for sure the focus of "Feel The Fuzz", maybe you're supposed to turn the speakers up loud to actually feel that deep bass. Keeping in the background, common goldfish also adds his untraditional voice to the mix - with a Tottenham twang he sings "so much information, I can't hide my fascination, who says its gonna be alright, but I can't find my destination." Everything about this track is cut from the psychedelic cloth of British 90's era rock. Not bad for a first track, not bad at all.


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