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British-Nigerian artist Priscilla Nwachi is here with new Gospel Amapiano track ‘Just Like You’

Wanting to be the breath of fresh air to the nation by changing the voice and face of gospel, Priscilla is certainly a visionary in the new release. A Scouser with an Igbo heritage that now lives in Northamptonshire, Priscilla’s exceptional aura is diverse. Speaking about the new release, Priscilla shares, “‘Just Like You’ is about trying and striving to be more like Christ in our everyday lives. We all have imperfections and each day brings forth new challenges and opportunities to try and do better than the day before, so we should come as we are. ‘Just Like You’ is a message for everyone regardless of faith, background or ethnicity, to think about our decisions knowing we are not alone and that if we trust in God, He will guide and light our path.”

Priscilla is a regular woman that has lived life and has been through many experiences that have shaped her into the artist and woman she is today. Mental health and suicide is an issue close to Priscilla’s heart, having lost a couple of close friends to suicide over the years, and having also battled with self-doubt, depression and anxiety – inspirational music and singing was what got her through her darkest times.

The world can be such a difficult and stressful place, and with her positive and uplifting message, Priscilla’s beautiful new track is certainly what the globe needs right now.


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