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California's Lance Rodriguez offers up his stunning debut album 'EMPATH'

After making a huge impact with his vibrant debut EP 'Dark Light' last year, California-based artist Lance Rodriguez is now looking to capitalise on his recent acclaim as he drops his stunning debut album 'EMPATH'.

Offering up more of that warm and alluring pop-rock aesthetic he has been building for himself in recent years, 'EMPATH' makes for a brilliantly bold and shimmering listen. Led up by the uplifting lead single '11ELEVEN', a true standout on this new record, he sweeps and swoons his way through nine tracks of wonderfully composed efforts from start to finish.

Adding about '11ELEVEN', he said, “11Eleven is an anthem to tell my audience it’s perfectly okay to be scared but to go out and pursue your dreams, get started on your 11:11 wish, without fear of failure.”

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