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Calista Kazuko brims with "So Much Love" via new art-pop single

Last time I encountered the jazz and classical trained London musician Calista Kazuko, she had shared sweet single "Panda", which was all about new motherhood and her relationship with her own Japanese mother. It's clear that pregnancy and becoming a parent has had a deep impact on Calista, and as such the artful creative has made many songs that explore this experience. "So Much Love" is a genre-blending track that starts off with minimal live band instruments and Calista's arresting voice, which conveys so much control and power even in this reserved state. I was immediately entranced by the quality of the production, but also the songwriter's poetic words. It all builds up to the chorus, "so much sweet, sweet love, hit me by a cannonball", like the oxytocin that runs through the veins of pregnant people and makes them feel overly loved up. This profound love between parent and baby is something that really isn't shown enough in music, especially when it's done in such a theatrical and avant-garde way. There's no doubting that Calista is the queen on this sonic world.


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