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Canada based artist ECHLO releases trip-hop infused 'Puppeteer'

ECHLO is finally back with the enthralling new release, ‘Puppeteer’, from her upcoming first full album ‘I was I’. ECHLO is an artist that knows a thing or two about breaking free. Chloe Charles introduced ECHLO to the world with her 2019 successful introductory EP ‘Echolocation‘. “ECHLO is my artistic reinvention. ECHLO evolved from Chloe. I’m not disassociating from what I’ve done in the past; I’m proud of that work and it’s a part of me. Besides being an anagram of my name, ECHLO makes music in a different genre, is further reaching, allows me to be more outspoken, less reserved and unapologetic about concepts and feelings.”, she says. ECHLO, as Chloe Charles, has certainly been turning heads ever since she broke onto the music scene by winning multiple awards, performing upwards of 1,000 shows across twelve countries and gaining accolades from sites such as Rolling Stone and Billboard. Speaking about her new release Puppeteer, ECHLO had this to say, “Sometimes we find ourselves in a position of power over someone else, the master in a love affair. Sometimes we take advantage of this and sometimes we wake up and cut the strings. We have all been masters and puppets in some form or another. At some point we have to cut our strings and break free.” Sounding somewhere between the realms of atmospheric dark-pop, electronica and with a touch of trip-hop, Puppeteer will have you hooked from the first notes. ECHLO hypnotizes you with her enchanting vocals, and makes Puppeteer the type of track that Portishead and Massive Attack would love to have in their discographies. Armed with a creative use of beats and percussion, Puppeteer comes across as experimental yet able to win the hearts of all types of music lovers. Inspired by a past relationship where the power was unbalanced, the track feels relatable to anyone out there struggling to cut the strings in a toxic relationship, whether platonic or romantic. For the official Puppeteer video, Chloe is partnering with dynamic video artist Dusty Deen ( to make Puppeteer a feast for the eyes, as much as it is for the ears Currently working on a written memoir, Echlo finds inspiration for her work as a musician, visual artist and author within the struggle and joy of being a mother and partner. ECHLO is the type of inspirational artist and person you would be proud to support and promote.


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