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Canadian singer-songwriter Scalawag releases charming EP ‘Runaway’

Singer-songwriter and self-producer Scalawag returns with the genre-defiant new EP ‘Runaway’, bringing elements of jazz, indie-pop and country to the charming record amongst other influences. With Scalawag’s dreamy crooning and authentic lyricism appearing alongside organic instrumental textures, ‘Runaway’ will prove irresistible to fans of any genre. This is a truly heartwarming project which indicates Scalawag’s huge potential.

Revealing more about his new project, Scalawag says: “The EP’s structure was no accident. I wanted to tell the story of someone who needs to get away from their daily routine in order to clear their head. But, by doing so they leave their loved ones behind, and it begins to tug at their soul in the song ‘Sleep Alone.’ After coming home to connect back to their love in ‘You On My Mind,’ the overthinking creeps it’s way back, and the struggle with self-identity apparent in ‘Touch’ presses the singer to recognise that no matter what they do, they’re going to be forever trapped in the cycle of self-doubt and overthinking. The cycle resets and they decide to run away in order to clear their head. It mirrors my own relationship with creativity, and the struggles of touring and always being away from the people I love.”


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