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Catching Up With Stone Fruit

Hey Stone Fruit, thank you kindly for joining us today. We have been loving listening to your brand new EP ‘Hold Me Close’. Such a mix of tunes ranging from alternative R&B, to Soul, even Jazz and some Funk! What’s your favourite track? Thank you for having us and for your kind words. The songs convey such a variety of emotions and explore many sonic worlds as you mentioned, so we find that we end up having a different favourite track depending on the day and our mood. There have been days that we called each other, and we would be like ‘How sick is the chorus in ‘These Days? Probably that’s my favourite.’ And the next day, a text would arrive between the lines ‘Hold Me Close is the one’. Honestly, that went on for days. The songs are so different, and we had so much fun creating them that it is hard to choose one. Our favourite is ‘Second Guess’, so cinematic, what was the inspiration for this tune? ‘Second Guess’ was the first single we released and it is so special to us for many reasons. This year was challenging at times and as many other people, we have re-evaluated a lot of things in our lives. During this process, song-writing has been a great way of getting thoughts and worries off our chest but also an opportunity to celebrate and highlight everything that is right with the world. With all of this in mind, we wrote ‘Second Guess’. It was just one of these situations, where ideas flow effortlessly, although it is such an esoteric song. Moreover, we both had some insomnia issues at the time so the first thoughts that came out, ended up being the first lyric lines of the song: ‘Looking all around me, sleepless ‘till the dawn, questions swirl inside me, I hit the ground and struggling to break through’ Are you planning any live shows/tour to showcase this EP? For the time being, we are 100% focused on promoting and supporting the EP online. But we have truly missed live performances, so some live shows will be arranged soon. Anyone who is interested in knowing how we do, what’s new and if any shows are coming up, could stay in touch via our website or our socials. We would love to see you there! How would you describe the music you are making? Our music falls into the Alternative Soul or Sophisti-Pop genres. The listeners can spot elements of soul, pop, R&B and electronic music as our songs bring together different experiences and influences that we both have. We know that marketing wise and according to some, this might be a risky decision, but we try to be unbiased and avoid getting limited by sticking to a specific genre. We want to allow our songs to reflect our current state of mind, our evolution as artists and people and implement sounds that are aesthetically pleasing for us. How did you both meet? The first time was in a tiny venue in Greece. We were both performing there with different bands at the time. We had a lot of common friends and would go to each other’s gigs. When we both moved to the UK we became roommates, then best friends and collaborated on multiple occasions for a long time before we started Stone Fruit. What does the rest of the year hold in store for Stone Fruit? We want to get back in the studio as soon as our latest EP settles in the world. We are looking forward to going back in the studio for more writing and recording. This is our favourite part of the whole process! Listen to 'Hold Me Close' here:


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