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Charles' 'Sundance Kid' is an anthem for couples

Hearing an artist tell you that they've written an artist for couples, whether functional or less so, is really quite surprising. Most of the time, pop culture is saturated by songs about reclaiming your single life, casting your ex in the worst light possible, the pursuit of a relationship, the break-up and so on. Yet, here the North London artist Charles steps in.

His new single 'Sundance Kid' is "an anthem for couples whether that be romantically or just you and ya best mate frolicking about in summer fucking shit up," and the latter is where the legend of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid comes through. As Charles further explains, he wrote "about my relationship between me and an ex girlfriend back in the day. It was a love affair, combined with bad behaviour and a lust for causing trouble. With both knowing we would never be more than just friends for obvious reasons."

To tell this story, Charles called on the talents of vocalist Sharky and producer Mathias Boman. The result is a forward-thinking piece of alternative soul, peppered with indie RnB and contemporary funk.

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