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Chaz Cardigan drops dynamic new EP ‘Holograma’

Chaz Cardigan’s ‘Holograma’, is a fine showcase of his distinct eclectic sound that he first established from a young age in his hometown of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The eight-track EP highlights Chaz’s refreshing talent for turning his deepest insecurities into wildly cathartic pop songs that are highly infectious. Unafraid to open up to his listeners and cover relatable topics in an inspiring manner, Chaz’s energy never wavers and his passionate vocal performances are incredibly enthralling. On his new EP, Chaz makes a new leap in what he calls “cracking codes to emotion,” sharing a batch of songs that show remarkable growth in both his life and his music.

We caught up with Chaz about his new EP: “All of the songs are about looking back on old memories and re-contextualizing them, seeing everything in a new light now that I know myself better and I’m way more secure in who I am,” says the Nashville-based 25-year-old. “The songs came from the shifting of ideas and shifting of perceptions, and I saw them as these iridescent, shimmering colors, like a hologram.”

Alongside ‘Holograma’, Chaz has shared the official video for his radiant track “Losing Touch.” Chaz has also announced that he will celebrate the EP’s release with a special livestream concert from Nashville on Thursday, November 19 at 7PM CT. Tickets for the livestream concert are available for purchase here.

Chaz has already seen a series of his single’s on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, which soon earned him the distinction of becoming the first artist jointly signed to Capitol Records and Loud Robot - the record label from J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot. Billboard have hailed him as a “certified 21st century pop artist” with Flaunt observing, “Chaz injects emotion and feeling into his music, priding himself in the quality of his lyrics.” With a growing fanbase and flourishing successes already, for this shining star, the only way is up.

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