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Chaz Cardigan is back with another infectious bop ‘We Look So Good’

Singer-songwriter Chaz Cardigan has released his newest introspective single ‘We Look So Good’ alongside some compelling visuals. Created during the Covid-19 lockdown, Chaz channeled the confusion and initial anger he had towards the way the U.S. treats its working class, immigrants and its sick into ‘We Look So Good’. The track’s lyricism compares patriotism to staying with a toxic partner because “you look so good on paper” when you’re really unhappy.

Chaz reveals “We Look So Good” is about the fantasy that the United States is doing great, and that it has redeemable qualities. This toxic idea that you can’t leave a partner because you make sense together, and it’s so comfortable…even if the relationship is terrible and you fight all the time and you never get along. ‘I can change them, I know it!’. I struggle with that in patriotism: whether it’s better to go down with the ship or to hop off and admit that it’s not salvageable."

Take a listen below:

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