Chima shares brand new track ‘When the Party Ends’

Hip-hop and R&B newcomer Chima has burst back onto the scene with his brand new track ‘When the Party Ends’. Chima’s intoxicating sound deserves a place on your playlists, and his newest single is a repeat-worthy record. Arguably his best offering yet, ‘When the Party Ends’ is a chilled, breezy track that sees Chima’s soul-tinged vocals coated on top of trippy synth and pulsing melodies. Based in Oakland, CA, Chima is making a name for himself on home turf and beyond, and there’s no doubt he’s heading straight for the top.

Discussing his inspirations and processes, Chima said: “I find inspiration for music with stuff that I have gone through in the past and go through daily. I don't really rush myself when it comes to dropping music because I always want to make it timeless and I'm hella critical on myself”.

Check out Chima’s new track below: