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Chloe Florence Releases Second Single “Lullaby”

Though only two singles into her career, Canadian talent Chloe Florence is already displaying massive potential and maturity as an artist and songwriter. Aiming to “awaken a feeling that lies dormant within everyone, whatever it may be”, Chloe Florence’s works are subtle and introspective, while also explosive at times. Her debut single “Nightmare”, which came out independently, perfectly displayed that, and now with the release of her new single “Lullaby”, Chloe Florence is letting us enter her head a bit more. 

A drawn-out and masterful ballad, “Lullaby” takes inspiration from electronic and future bass music, as well as indie pop aesthetics. Smooth synths and stunning vocal harmonies help build up the instrumental, before the chorus explodes into a series of lush sound design and impactful piano chords. 


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