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common goldfish is back with blurry-eyed festival anthem "Shout Louder"

Somehow time is just flying by because it only felt like last week that I was introduced to the debut single from common goldfish, but here the Tottenham lad is back again already. He set the bar pretty high with first track "Feel The Fuzz", with it's overdose of feel-good 90s vibes, but I'm happy to report that you're in the right place to get another fix of indie nostalgia. Listening to his newest tune "Shout Louder" feels like hopping into a time machine back to a festival in the mid-late 1990s heading out to see my fave Madchester bands like Happy Mondays or Inspiral Carpets or The Stone Roses. It's clear who common goldfish's main influences are, but he doesn't just make a carbon copy of them either. "Shout Louder" has it's own unique flavour, with the red-hot guitar riff, the merted Elton John-esuqe piano chords, and the artist's own hazy vocals. I couldn't help singing along "shout louder, it's a beautiful siiiight" in my best Madchester accent while allowing myself to be carried away on the undercurrent pull of this blurry-eyed anthem.

"I created the beat using a mix of 90’s break samples. Quite quickly I had the bass line and piano. I’d been watching the “Get Back” documentary, which definitely inspired the vocals and psychedelic guitar sounds. The track was making me think of being outside with friends in the sun, and the lyrics try to capture this. I love the idea of energy flowing through a crowd. It’s completely intangible, but yet there’s nothing more real to everyone in that moment,”

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