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Condescending enthrals with atmospheric release 'Kansas, the Band'

A textural and deeply atmospheric track, 'Kansas, the Band' showcases the impeccable production wizardry of US-based artist Condescending. His first single of the year, ‘Kansas, the Band' is a gorgeous dual track project compiled of melancholic, shoe-gaze-esque vocals offset against persistent rhythmic guitar patterns.

The solo studio project of Free Creation Label producer WhatsHisName, Condescending is a space for the artist to explore a more indefinable area of sonic landscape. Therefore, it is in tracks such as 'Kansas, the Band' that he clearly allows himself the freedom to experiment with darker musical colours, dipping into a bleaker and more breathy style of production.

Explaining the track , Condescending states: "I think listeners would be surprised how many forms ‘Kansas, the Band’ has taken since its conception over two years ago. It was painstakingly overworked at least 3 times before being shelved for a year, being picked up again and put together in its final form in less than a week. The process is rarely short but itbecame challenging to get to the heart of this one."

Ultimately, 'Kansas, the Band' is clearly a labour of love. One that highlights the intricate nature of Condescending as an artist and that unpicks a deeply intimate sound world.

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