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CubsNocap is making his mark with new single 'Lockdown'

‘Lockdown’ is the newest release from rising artist CubsNocap. Already making an impression with his smooth brew of Rap and R&B, ‘Lockdown’ showcases his wordsmith talents to the best of their ability, as his soulful vocals shed light on the universal turmoil of being in a lockdown. CubsNocap’s influences are audible in his candescent sound, delivering a tone reminiscent of Not3s, Mario and WSTRN. The 19-year-old Gloucester based artist is an influential member of the emerging record Label ‘NoCapBoys’ whilst establishing himself as an artist with TheMusicWorks. After making his debut earlier this year, CubsNocap is paving a clear path for his sound, and making all the right moves. This is an artist to keep firmly on your radar.

Discussing his release, CubsNocap said: “Project ‘Lockdown’ explores various themes. Besides showcasing my authenticity I use a juxtaposition to tap into the concepts of mental health, depression and current issues worldwide. Additionally I aim to awaken the reality of being trapped in the first official ‘Lockdown’, confused, isolated and restricted.”

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