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Dani Saldo drops second single - 'No Strings Attached'.

As if lifted straight from the pages of her diary, Dani’s lyrical content is openly honest, genuine and widely relatable and this second single continues to follow this pattern, which is proving to be a recipe for success for the young artist.

'No Strings Attached' follows her synth-laden debut 'No Friends' and is equally as dance inducing as she effortlessly laments on young love and self-discovery via moody melancholia and dreamy beats. Determined to get you up and grooving, 'NSA' is a carefree, commercial pop tune with a catchy chorus thats a sure fire add to your summer party playlists.

In reference to NSA, Dani shares, “I want people to be able to both dance and cry to my music , because that’s something I personally do (maybe a little too often). This one has a big fat drum fill before the chorus and a very empty almost sobering bridge. I wanted to reflect the moments when you know you’re running from a problem or hurt and you’re just drunk off your ass dancing and crying about your ex and contrast them with the uncomfortable “Who the fuck am I? Why am I doing this? What do I do without my ex? I miss them”. The way it’s produced kinda reminds me of when you go to the washroom or step out of a party. It’s a weirdly sobering moment amidst all the noise. But then you step back in to dance and get wasted and forget after.”

You can listen to NSA on all streaming platforms here & keep up with Dani below: Instagram Twitter


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