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Danny Aro and Distant Matter create club anthem 'Temptations'

Singer, rapper, and songwriter Danny Aro's upbeat songs offer an escape from the day-to-day rigours of life. In collaboration with musician and producer Distant Matter, Danny Aro recently released the energizing single 'Temptations'.

The colossal dance track is powered by a funk-infused bassline, which carries the track into out of this world soundscapes. The enticing EDM track tells the tale of a girl you can't stop thinking about.

Danny Aro on the making of the track:

The producer of the track, Distant Matter and another artist wrote the original lyrics for the track. They hit me up and asked me to the official singer for the track. I told Distant Matter I'd get back to him, but I already knew I loved the song. I asked him if I could change one of the parts so it could fit better with my voice, he said yes, I fixed the part and recorded it the next day and sent back all the wet vocals to Distant Matter and badaboom badabing, he made the finishing touches!

Danny Aro’s debut mixtape, ‘2muchmoli’, and subsequent singles ‘Diamonds’, featuring B00sted and N.I.K, and ‘Saint Laurent Bad’, encapsulate his goal of blending the power of hip-hop with the vibrancy of electronic pop music. Now with the release of ‘Temptations’, Danny Aro is only going from strength to strength.

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