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Demsky drops new EP 'Tell Me About The World'

From the upbeat rhythms of ‘Air’, to the atmospheric ambience of ‘Rise Too’, the new EP ‘Tell Me About The World’ from Demsky showcases an infinite variety of sonic textures. Listeners won’t be able to resist diving into the pool of sounds that this rising producer has created and will uncover something fresh with every rotation. With an expert touch, Demsky weaves together intricate beats and swirling basslines with shimmering electronic melodies and lo-fi effects. True to its title, ‘Tell Me About The World’ refuses to be boxed into one particular genre, instead taking listeners on a sonic journey which explores elements from around the globe. Transporting you away from reality and onto an auditory vacation, Demsky’s new project could just be the soundtrack to your travels.

Describing his new single, Demsky says: “‘Tell Me About The World' is Demsky's forthcoming EP. Inspired by Sebastian Junger's book 'Tribe', the EP was made with the intention of open interpretation. In a world that seems so divided as of late, we could spare a little bit of time relearning the lost art of listening so that our community can once again thrive off of compassion and heart. I think we can all visualize tracks in a different way. I’m looking forward to hearing your take on it.”

Hailing from Canada, Demsky has quickly gained momentum as an ambient, downtempo beatmaker from his immersive sets throughout Japan and Europe. Now residing in Tokyo, Toronto-born Demsky takes a lot of his inspiration from the chill instrumental, beat-making, noise music scenes that he’s heavily involved in. He has graced the stage at such festivals as Asagiri Jam (Japan), Zizkovska Noc (Czechia), Tone River Jam (Japan), Come Together Music Festival (Canada), and has played countless tours throughout Europe, Japan and Canada. His music has been featured in various programs such as the Docuseries Descending, and works with numerous YouTubers including Ramen Adventures. Lessons of love, understanding, choices, perseverance, and adaptability are some of the themes in Demsky's pioneering sound, which is sure to take him on a path towards great things.


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