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Demsky masters textured production with his new EP ‘Tell Me About The World’

From the atmospheric soundscapes of ‘Rise Too’ to the rhythmic ‘Air’, Demsky has created an anthology of journeys on his new EP ‘Tell Me About The World’. With each track delivering a fresh sound, Demsky’s production is unlike any other with whirlwind melodies and flurries of complex and addictive beats.

Describing the new EP, Demsky says: “‘Tell Me About The World' is Demsky's forthcoming EP. Inspired by Sebastian Junger's book 'Tribe', the EP was made with the intention of open interpretation. In a world that seems so divided as of late, we could spare a little bit of time relearning the lost art of listening so that our community can once again thrive off of compassion and heart. I think we can all visualize tracks in a different way. I’m looking forward to hearing your take on it.”

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